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Spa Freshup
        Zygoes is manufatuting spa freshup beauty soap with exporting quality.Spa freshup beauty soap comes with a high percentage of TFM (total fatty matter) which makes it be gentle on the skin. It doesn’t contain artificial fillers that are harmful to the skin.Now spa freshup is also launched in domestic market with the same quality.It is made from 100 percent vegitable oil
Spa freshup soap uses Malasian imported finest noodle.
        Now Zygoes have a strong tie up with the leading local visual media like Asianet, Manorama News and Malayalam Communications(Kairali,People)etc.and leading national Dailies and Periodicals like The Hindu, Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Vanitha etc..Apart from these we are planning to give hoardings all major cities and towns.
Market Analysis
        Zygoes marketing Consultancy employs 80 field staffs and five senior experts for the market support of our products. We are planning to provide 20 field staffs for the spa fresh up. We also Providing a full logistics support by five promotion vehicles covering all over the territories.
        Currently we having the net works of 50 distributors  for spa fresh up we have already got the proposals of 40 distributor all over kerala

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